Welcome to NanoPQIQO 2024

Welcome to NanoPQIQO 2024, a dynamic forum for exploring advancements in nanomaterials, photonics, quantum optics, and quantum information. This conference is a unique blend of scientific excellence and global inclusivity, emphasizing collaboration and innovation. Join us for a journey of discovery and inspiration, uniting researchers from around the world in a quest for pioneering knowledge and practical applications in these exciting fields.

NanoPQIQO 2024 is a conference organized within the H2020 NanoQIQO project (Grant Agreement ID: 952335), with co-organization by RAU Radiant Minds, which includes OPTICA, SPIE, and Young Minds student chapters.

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About NanoPQIQO 2024

Our conference serves a dual purpose: to explore the latest advancements in nanomaterials, photonics, quantum optics, and quantum information, while also emphasizing inclusivity and participation from researchers and students from around the world.

The Best Student Presentation Awards will be granted to students who deliver exceptional presentations. The awards are sponsored by OPTICA through funding for the special program of the RAU OPTICA Student Chapter.


Conference Chairs

Scientific secretary

Dr. Tigran Sargsian; Email: tigran.sargsian@rau.am; +(374) 95 26 28 38

Advisory Board & Program Committee